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Wellness Solutions

The effects of employee financial stress have increased due to the pandemic. Employees are nearly four times as likely to admit that their finances have been a distraction at work. They’re also more likely to be attracted to another company that cares more about their financial well-being and twice as likely to have avoided addressing a medical issue due to cost. Employers who invest in improving employee financial health can reap long-term benefits in metrics that matter to the organization, but it starts with a commitment to employee financial wellness as an integral piece of your organization’s total wellness culture.

Our Solutions

Financial Wellness Program

  • Customized to fit the needs of the company and its employees

  • Financial Education Software to keep employees engaged online

  • Access to financial coaches that will work one on one with employees

Lunch and Learns

  • Monthly or Quarterly options to educate employees and to provide financial awareness

  • Improves the knowledge of employees and builds financial management skills

Learning and Development

  • Workshop trainings for managers, team members, and employees

  • Topics include the following: Leadership, Workplace Wellness, Financial Wellness, Productivity

Wellness Solutions to help you and your employees to Live Better Financially!

We partner with you to create a program that will educate, equip, and impact the lives of your employees and their families. Our Financial Wellness Program includes the following:

  • A program customized to fit the company's needs and budget

  • Access to Personal Finance Coaches in person or virtually

  • Quarterly financial workshops

  • Learning and Development Training

  • Individualized personal finance plans to fit employees' needs

  • My Financial Budget Workbook and so much more!


To get started contact us for a financial wellness consultation at or call us at (256)334-9655

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